About Me

My name is Evinch

I study Interactive Multimedia Design at Thomas More Mechelen, Belgium to become a webdeveloper and designer.

With this as my first assignment, making a portfolio website, I’m happy and proud to present you what I’ve created. This is my first website and for me the possibilities are endless. On this website I’ll put all my following assignments, small projects, pictures, logo’s and everything else I make.

My Skills

Over the past few years I’ve gained a lot of experience in the use of following programs and in the following scripting languages. Also I’m still a student so right now my goal is to develop my experience and knowledge in these programs and languages.


My Portfolio

Professional Development Assignment:

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Contact me

I would be delighted to help you out so if you have any questions for me about working together or if you have any questions for me you’re welcome to send me those questions and I’ll do my best to get back to you!